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T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965306-919033
T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965305-919032
  Fairer Trade
  Better World equality through trade
T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965304-919031
Eat organic
Tell them you love good food
T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965303-919030
  VW peace bus
  What the trendy peacenik is driving today
T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965301-919028
  slogan goes here
Give the world a smile
T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965300-919027
 When the dress code says tie and you don't wanna wear one...
T-Shirt/Stedman Comfort/macho/965299-919026

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We hope you enjoy the designs and find something you want to wear. We accept all credit cards and ship to all US states. Shipping is simple: $4.99 for all orders up to $55, and free after that!

Designs are by contemporary artists. We want to take our work and get it out of art galleries and onto the street. We are also entering some designs in contemporary art exhibitions, so visit an art gallery and you might see the T shirt you're wearing!


  Eat, sleep, drink. It's hard work...